Our Policy

Plastic Surgery Mexico


Personalized attention


Our practice focuses on providing personalized attention to all our patients. The initial consultation requires 60 to 120 minutes andyou are welcome to bring along a spouse or a close friend.During this time, photographs will be taken and viewed on a computer with an "image processing program" to make precision modifications of the digital images of the patient’s body or face to give the patient a realistic idea of what to expect postoperatively. A main difference with other practices is that from beginning to end your consultation will be with Dr. Gómez Mendoza.We know that in most of the practices, this is done by a member of the office staff, but remember our goal is to be sure, that all of the patient's concerns are addressed and that all questions are answered professionally.



A policy of providing good value


We make every effort to keep your costs at a reasonable level. We will not try to sell you on added procedures you don't want or may not even need. We maintain our own efficient operating rooms that are optimized specifically for cosmetic surgery and yet far less expensive for you than a full-service hospital or common surgical center.


A way of working where outstanding outcomes are common


Because you are unique we individualize our attention to each case. We know what to do, and we know exactly how to do it.



The way we exceed your   expectations


We will meet with you as many times as you consider necessary and we will encourage you to ask us as many questions as you have about your surgery so we can assist you in making your decision with our guidance and expert knowledge. Our goal is to exceed your expectations providing the latest, state of the art cosmetic surgery to help you achieve the youthful beauty and natural appearance that you are looking for.


An avoidance of unproven facts and gimmicks


In an era that values bold innovation, "breakthrough" modifications in plastic surgery appear almost weekly. Many of these untested "advances" that seem too good to be true turn out to be exactly that; once quietly abandoned, there is scant mention of the patients who experienced their consequences.

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Carlos Gomez-Mendoza

Chief Plastic Surgeon